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Gunmetal Black Ep 01 Gunmetal Black Ep 01

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I rated it a 5 star because of it having a great deal of animation that was flawlessly moved within it, and that one could also follow the story well. It was my first time in watching anything of the series of movies made, so it's nice to know of the basis. Was a little confusing at first, but made sense soon enough. Curious of a few points, like of when she was holding the wooden sword on her shoulders. The right side had looked like it was cutting almost completely through the arm. ^^' with her being in math class, one can also see her hair through her hand.

Just trying to help out. ^^' apologies if it seemed in bad taste to mention those things. Still give it 5 stars for the entire piece being awesome, with the fighting scenes being fluid. :D

Kel-chan responds:

Nah, that's clipping. It sometimes happens when I'm lazy or there are physics on the model that I don't catch in playback and something goes through something else.

It's weird watching this now since to me- the animation is soo bad and the next episode is sooo much better

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coin collector coin collector

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

maybe give some instructions of what the controls are to help in making this game not be downvoted or deleted from the poll area?

joythirteen13 responds:

Controls are given in instructions.
Right and left arrows to move horizontally. 'd' to jump.

Heart Star Heart Star

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very interesting puzzle set. A couple of them were really hard to do, but at the same time, was very interesting also in seeing of the thought that one had to use in order to be able to make it through the different levels. I'll admit to dying a lot. lolz

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Emerald Dungeon Emerald Dungeon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was very very interesting. It was a little bit of a pain to constantly go all the way back to go to the store, then to continue on, but it was still awesome fun. Reminded me of the times of legend of zelda, and it being for gameboy jam 4[no idea of what that is, but will find out fast through google], I can assume that the games for it are heavily influenced by the original gameboy games. :) Bravo more that you are only 13 years of age, and able to do such a game. I know those that are far older that can't do so much. May you continue to make games.

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Skittaraps responds:

Thank you so much! Yeah, it was influenced by the original gameboy games, and I figured I'd do a Zelda-like, because it's by far one of my favourite series. Glad you enjoyed this!

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Star Wurst Star Wurst

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very nicely done, and for it to be a first render of a character [according to what you wrote] it is very well done. ^^ I see that you are using Daz Studio if I'm not mistaken, and so if you wish, I can try to give you tips on the lighting. :) I can only see you getting better as time goes on.

Kel-chan responds:

Yup i saw some tutorials- I can't post anymore pictures on the art thing until later in the month but I posted some renders of chars with some better lighting in the blog posts